I like to think of myself as a Renaissance gal.

After all, specialization is for insects!

Despite this theory, I’m about to complete a PhD in Shakespearean Adaptation … an extreme in specialization.

But the rest of my life is varied.  I’ve worked as an Arts Administrator; a Graphic Designer; a Theatre Professor; a Communications Consultant; and an Office Temp!  (After all, there’s never any shame in honest work.)

I dream of the day when I’ll move to my own little plot of land where I’ll build an earthship; raise chickens and rabbits and organic vegetables; write books of fiction and non-fiction; and commute in to a nearby university to teach rhetoric and help return a sense of ‘play’ to actors, young and old.

I’m a spiritual eclectic and a libertarian.

I ride a motorcycle.  And a horse, when I can borrow one.

I love Jane Austen novels on screen, and British comedy.  And words.  I really, really love words.

I’m a photographer.  An actor, director, and singer.  I cook a mean rabbit stew.  And I should have been a pioneer, because I have a penchant for MacGyver-ing things.

So that’s me.  And how about you?